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Bitter Blessings Blog Tour – Stop #9


Write Bravely

Huge thanks to Stephanie at Write Bravely for her review of Bitter Blessings.

“…Every once in a while I pick up a book that I have to read until it is finished. Bitter Blessings by Christine Mehring was one of those books. I thought I would read a chapter or two while the kids were brushing their teeth and gathering their backpacks for school. A little while later the book was finished…”

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Bitter Blessings Blog Tour – Stop #5


I have to say I’m feeling pretty darn cool today because Wendy at Wendword gave Bitter Blessings a full “Box of Kleenex” rating. Yeah. That’s cool. Here’s a sample of the review:

“At the outset, I wasn’t too keen on reading, but by chapter two I was hooked and couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it.

Bitter Blessings, by Christine Mehring is well worth reading!…

…Megan is one of those characters any woman can relate to, because we’ve all been like her at one point in time or another. It comes with the female territory.  She is real, and has flaws, and makes bad judgements in haste and anger. And yet, when she fell to her knees page 146, I was right there with her and almost longed to put my arm around that 17 year old girl  going through such hell. And even though she didn’t get the perfect happily ever after, I was glad to see things work out for the most realistic best.

Christine Mehring has written a fantastic novel, and I give hearty kudos! Freely recommend.”

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Bitter Blessings Blog Tour Stop #4


Bitter Blessings Blog Tour – Stop #4 Danica Page 

First, I’d just like to say that Danica Page has got to be one of the best writer names ever. It needs to be on book covers. I’m very grateful to Danica for taking the time to read and review Bitter Blessings, both on her blog and on Goodreads. Thanks so much!

“… After looking at the title I thought this was going to be pretty depressing book. I won’t say try to say that it doesn’t have depressing elements because it does. Her mother dies within the first ten pages…that right there is pretty depressing. And the events that unfold are heart-breaking.

However, there were also parts of this book that had me laughing hysterically out loud in my apartment and caused my roommates to be concerned…any book that can do that is a great book…

This novel masterfully blends elements of suspense, intrigue, tragedy, comedy, friendship, and faith in a way that readers will love…
Mehring’s writing style is both touching and entertaining. This book made me feel the whole spectrum of emotions like I mentioned earlier. Any book that can make me feel so many different emotions is one that I love.
This is a novel that I would read again and plan on keeping on my shelf…”

Bitter Blessings Blog Tour Stop #3


Bitter Blessings Blog Tour – Stop #3 Creation and Compassion

Marcy, over at Creation and Compassion, had this to say:

“…I loved reading this book!  It made me laugh and it made me cry, and I didn’t want to put it down.  It reminded me of the importance of watching my tongue in moments of anger or frustration.  The writing flowed well and the book was a pleasure to read.  I couldn’t help but love the main character, Megan, in spite of her faults.  I also loved  her best friend Adam, and all of the others who reached out to help Megan and her family.  If you are looking for a fun, uplifting new story, this LDS Fiction Novel published by Cedar Fort is the book for you…”

And I couldn’t be more thrilled. :) Thank you for your time and effort.

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Bitter Blessings Blog Tour Stop #2


Bitter Blessings Blog Tour – Stop #2 Cerebrations of a Writer

Many thanks to Tamara at Cerebrations of a Writer for her kind words.

“Bitter Blessings is gripping from the start. Not only was it well-written, the story was unpredictable…
…Though I expected a little more action, the book was full of realistic characters you grow to love or hate and realistic situations. I even teared up at parts. The story is gripping with unexpected twists, demonstrating God’s power to change our hearts and guide is in trial…”

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