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Blog Tour Stop #1 – Fire and Ice


I’m very grateful that Heather at Fire and Ice was willing to be the first stop on my first tour. I’m also really REALLY glad she liked the book. Here’s a little taste:

“…With an awesome cast of supporting character including her best friend Adam and his father, Megan just may be able to survive the challenges that lie ahead. There were a lot of things I really loved about Bitter Blessings. It’s a short read that pulled me in and I finished it in one sitting. It addresses adolescent substance abuse, grief, financial hardship, codependency and religious bigotry in an artful, hopeful manner…”

See the rest of the review at

All aboard for Stop #2!



And one more…


LDS Women’s Book Review had some kind words.  I’m very grateful to them as well.



I meant to post the link to Kerri Green’s review of Bitter Blessings when she was first kind enough to do it, but I only seemed to think about doing it when I was driving, or grocery shopping, or about to fall asleep, so it hasn’t happened. I didn’t worry about it too much since a lot more people read her blog than mine and I figured it wouldn’t really help too much to point to it from here. Today, however, I received a review from another blog, and feeling flush from the 100% increase in positive reviews, I decided it was time to post those links.

First, the truly amazing Kerri Green:

and next, a review from the wonderful

My sincere gratitude to both for their time and effort on my behalf.

The Cover


Another month flew past.


I spent March mostly checking my e-mail, and being cold. It always seems so cold in March, probably because I am so sick of winter. Anyway, I didn’t hear anything from my editor until last week when she told me she’d only need me during April. I’m hoping this means she’s not going to want significant re-writes because it’s supposed to go to press the beginning of May. Still very excited about the whole thing.

I’m leaving tomorrow, bright and early, to drive down to Tucson, visit my family, and do some recon for the new book. All three boys are coming with me and we’re going to have a great time, unless we melt because my air conditioning doesn’t work. They’re expecting low 90s this weekend. Ahhh…. warmth for my lizard skin. :)

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