And one more…


LDS Women’s Book Review had some kind words.  I’m very grateful to them as well.



I meant to post the link to Kerri Green’s review of Bitter Blessings when she was first kind enough to do it, but I only seemed to think about doing it when I was driving, or grocery shopping, or about to fall asleep, so it hasn’t happened. I didn’t worry about it too much since a lot more people read her blog than mine and I figured it wouldn’t really help too much to point to it from here. Today, however, I received a review from another blog, and feeling flush from the 100% increase in positive reviews, I decided it was time to post those links.

First, the truly amazing Kerri Green:

and next, a review from the wonderful

My sincere gratitude to both for their time and effort on my behalf.

The Parable of the Phone Charger


Once there was a woman who was about to embark on a journey. It was a bad time for a journey, as the woman had very little money and many tasks to attend to at home, but the journey needed to be made regardless of circumstance. As the woman prepared for her journey she realized that her phone charger was broken. The phone was old, but she was fond of it, and she had no desire to replace it, however, she knew it would be difficult to find a charger for such an elderly piece of equipment. Nevertheless, she set out in search of a charger. Read the rest of this entry »