The problem with infrequent posts


…is remembering the log in password. But, like Hansel and Gretel, I eventually found my way home.

Things have been one continuous round of excitement this winter, what with the holidays, and moving, and my husband attempting to die of pneumonia, and that night the bull got out. FYI – you cannot make a bull do anything he does not want to do. You must convince the bull that what you want him to do is really his idea. Which is really all you can do with anyone, but a loose bull has such a way of focusing the attention. Truly.

So, work on the new book has been slow and sporadic, but progress is being made. The biggest breakthrough was finally determining the right way to take the story apart so that I could put it back together. It may be true that one eats an elephant one bite at a time, but it also helps to have a plan, a general idea of where to start and how to proceed. Up to now I’ve always been pretty straightforward, a “begin at the beginning and quit when it’s over” type of girl, but this time it wasn’t working. I started over and over but I couldn’t get the flow. It was brutally boring, which drove me nuts because all these characters were talking all the time in my head, telling me about themselves, and each other, and what happened, and they weren’t boring so I knew I was the problem.

At last there was one of those lovely scenes where the heavens part and the light comes on and suddenly you know what you need to do, and now it is going much much better.

I’ve received the cover art for Bitter Blessings and I love it! I am supposed to begin working with my editor in March, which is day after tomorrow, and it’s all going to be up and running from here on out. Very happy. Yep. There may be whistling, dancing, possibly even skipping. I’m just warning you. It could happen.

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“The problem with infrequent posts”

  1. Avatar March 8th, 2011 at 8:37 pm Wendi Says:

    You, my friend, are SO completely amazing. With everything you are going through in your daily life, taking on the writing (your passion) is just inspriing. Know that you are thought of. Know that you are loved. Know that you You have people who appreciate and admire you. btw, LOVE the bull thing… hilarious!!!I am truly grateful that you are in my life.

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