The Parable of the Phone Charger


Once there was a woman who was about to embark on a journey. It was a bad time for a journey, as the woman had very little money and many tasks to attend to at home, but the journey needed to be made regardless of circumstance. As the woman prepared for her journey she realized that her phone charger was broken. The phone was old, but she was fond of it, and she had no desire to replace it, however, she knew it would be difficult to find a charger for such an elderly piece of equipment. Nevertheless, she set out in search of a charger.

She went first to the store where she had purchased her old one, only to find that they no longer carried them. Then she ventured into the dreaded Verizon Store where she found that they no longer made the charger she needed, and to get a new phone would cost both an arm and a leg, as well as a contractual deed to her soul. She considered her options and the very little time that remained before her journey. The chances of finding a charger were minuscule, the shoulder-devil said, just buy the new phone. But the woman did not feel right about the new phone, and truly, the salesperson was whiny.

The woman excused herself from Verizon and proceeded to the second-hand store where she originally purchased her phone, as one never knows, and they might have another, but, alas, they did not.

Dispirited, frustrated, and worried about traveling without a phone (although humanity seems to have managed somehow for quite a while), the woman decided to make one last stop, believing that forces beyond her comprehension were aware of her needs and if it was meant to be it would work out.

The woman walked into the DI, went straight to the locked displays where they keep those sorts of things, and found in the electronics display absolutely nothing related to cell phones. She looked over two more displays of assorted doo-das, and finally at the last display, which appeared to be all porcelain dolls and tea pots. There, on the shelf right at eye level, between two fancy dolls, was one charger, brand new, of exactly the variety she needed, for $1.50. Yes, one dollar and fifty cents.

The woman was grateful and went away rejoicing and did speedily text her loved ones so that they could share in her joy.

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“The Parable of the Phone Charger”

  1. Avatar August 6th, 2011 at 12:17 am Kerri Says:

    You didn’t tell me THAT part of the charger story. Love it.

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